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Marketing trends and techniques are always changing and always shifting, but what if you could use the power of social Networking and the internet right alongside of live peer to peer marketing within the variety of the day to day lives of your representatives and agents in the field? What if there was a way to open up an opportunity of a conversation in two different ways, by simply sitting in a coffee shop, working at lunch, or working on an airplane? What if it was cost effective and could profit you, your reps, agents and your company? What if your company could utilize a marketing tool to catch the market curve? What if we sent you a free sample to test and show its power?

Use MyDigitalTattoos to advertise for your business:

MyDigitalTattoos integrates advertising through a dedicated theme for your business.

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You can download a design, build your own and upload it, or contact us for a custom design. These removable and durable laptop skins are portable and re-usable! Order Now!

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